DDV System

DDV System
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With the DDV-System a powerful metal detector is at your disposal, which supports your research for hidden targets. This additional equipment is designed to meet all requirements of a professional treasure hunter.
The detector locates both ferrous and nonferrous metals but is mainly used to find small pieces of metal which are located near to the surface, such as coins, rings, nuggets and others.
Due to this metal detector you can not only find buried items, you can even find out about the type of material of which a buried target is made off. Because of the adjustable regulator on the small control unit of the detector itself, it is possible to select the type of metal, on which the detector should react. So for example you can adjust the detector to show only silver targets and to filter out e.g. iron. Materials like iron, gold, silver and aluminium can be selected.
By using the sensibility regulator the detector can be adapted to the current ground conditions and optimised to reach high depth penetration also in difficult soils.

The DDV-System can only be used together with the devices  Localizer 3000,  eXp 4000 and  eXp 5000 as an optional upgrade. The detector system has to be connected to your measuring instrument to get an audible and visual representation through your device. Besides sending out an acoustical signal via the headphones, you will also see a visual representation on the display of your measuring instrument (minimonitor/video eyeglasses) when passing over a target.
The DDV-System needs no additional battery, it gets his power from the connected measuring instrument.
This lightweight but powerful metal detector is a must for all treasure hunters.
The DDV-System is optional available only to the following devices:

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