Download Virtualbox Extension Package

Virtualbox is referred to as cross-policy virtualization application. Meaning, it setups on the current AMD based PCs or Intel; in spite of what operating system used such as Mac, Linux, Solaris or Windows. It also extends the abilities of the existing computer to operate multiple OSs. You can setup and operate many virtual machines; however it depends on the memory and the disk space.

Virtualbox is relatively simple yet very powerful tool. It has the capability to run all over from small fixed desktop or systems class machines to Cloud environments or data center deployments.

The features and strategies that Virtualbox extension offers are valuable for many reasons:

Running Manifold OS Simultaneously

This allows user to run many operating system simultaneously. Through this way, user can run program written for many operating systems without the need of rebooting your computer. Since user can determine what types of virtual tool must be presented to every OS, he or she can setup operating system like OS/2 or DOS although the true computer’s tool is not backed by that OS.

Easy Installation

Software providers can utilize this to deliver whole software configurations. Setting up a full mail server on a real computer is an overwhelming job. With virtualbox extension pack such a complicated installation can be filled to virtual machine. Setting up and operating mail servers is easier through virtualbox.

Disaster and Testing Recovery

If installed, virtual mechanism and its implicit hard disk are considered a storage bin which can be frozen arbitrarily, and shipped between hosts. With the usage of another feature of Virtualbox snapshots, user can save specific condition of implicit mechanism and bring back to its original condition, if needed. Through this way, one can liberally test with a calculating tool.

Any amount of snapshots could be made, letting user to travel in virtual machine back and forth. User can erase snapshots even as the VM is working to get back disk space.

Consolidation of Structure

Virtualization can essentially reduce tool and the cost of power energy. Sometime, PCs today not just utilize a portion of their full power and work with low standard system loads. Many sources of hardware and electricity as well are thereby wasted. Therefore, rather than running lots of computers which are just partially utilized, you can pack lots of virtual mechanism onto a number of a small power hosts.


  • Portable
  • Nor tool virtualization needed
  • Shared folders, 3D virtualization and seamless windows
  • Clean architecture
  • Great tool support
  • VM Groups
  • Compatible to Windows T, Mac, Linux and Solaris operating systems

Virtual extension pack comes with .vbox-extpack data name extension. To download virtualbox extension pack just clicks the package file and you will see a NOM that help you through the process.

To see the virtualbox extension pack which is presently installed, just start the VM or Virtualbox Manager. From file menu, click preferences, and then click the button extensions. This shows the extension pack that present installed and it also allows you to delete or remove the old extension.

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