12 Crazy Business Ideas That Actually Make Money

1. A Smashing Good Time

Are you frustrated and angry? Do you feel like you’re about to explode? You could visit a psychologist, or you could just go to the Anger Room. Once there you can put on some safety gear, pick up a baseball bat, and blow off steam by destroying “life-like room settings or random stuff…”

The Anger Room has been around for over eight years, so apparently people are willing to pay to smash things, at least in Dallas, Texas.

The cost? That depends on just how strong your destructive impulses are. The “I need a break” package gives you 5 minutes for $25. It’s hard to imagine having enough negative energy to smash things for 25 straight minutes, but that’s exactly what you get with the $75 “Demolition” package.

2. Crazy Taxi Rides

Are you tired of using a taxi simply to get from here to there? Do you want your ride to be more of an adventure? Then try The Ultimate Taxi in Colorado.

Jon Barnes advertises his “world famous” service as a “45 minute concert, magic show, virtual reality experience and 3D laser light show performed in a 1981 Checker Taxicab, while cruising around Aspen Colorado.”

The cost? $220 for your whole group, and that includes rainbow glasses as well as 360 photos on Facebook.

3. Canine Eyewear

Have you ever worried that your dog could get a bug in the eye while hanging his head out the car window or riding on the back of your motorcycle? Worry no more. Now you can protect him with Doggles eyewear for dogs.

A pair will run you about $20 to $25. While you’re on the Doggles website you can also buy hats, boots, and backpacks for your best friend.

4. Something for Sale

I first reported on The Something Store years ago, and to be honest, I’m surprised to see that they’re still in business. What do they sell? Well, something.

More specifically, the website says, “It may be something you need, something you want or something you desire.” You don’t really know more than that.

They do suggest some possibilities, such as, “a cool shiny gadget, rare book, party game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, box of gourmet chocolates, popular video game, portable table tennis set, pashmina scarf ” — the list goes on.

You just pay them $10 and they send you something. Shipping is free.

5. Sock Triplets

Ever lose one sock from a good pair? Who hasn’t, right? What can you do to prevent this all-too-common disaster? Buy socks in sets of three, so you’ll still be good when the washing machine eats one.

That’s the idea behind Throx. They’ve been around for years, and they have a variety of unique designs. But given the price of $18.33 per set, it might be cheaper to simply buy a regular pair of socks and replace it when one is lost.

6. Subscription Socks

Okay, maybe the socks from Throx were too colorful for your taste. And maybe sock shopping just isn’t your thing at all. In that case consider a sock subscription, so you never have to go to the store or sock website again.

“Sockscriptions” from BlackSocks have been around since 1999. When you subscribe you get socks by mail at regular intervals so you never have to go sock shopping again. The company claims you’ll “Save 12.8 hours of your precious time a year by taking out a sockscription.”

Hmm… I’m not sure if I’ve spent 12.8 hours shopping for socks in my entire life, let alone in a year. And what about the time spent earning the money to pay for the socks? The starting price of about $10/pair is more than I’ve ever paid for socks.

7. Spellcasting

This is another business I didn’t expect to last, after first reporting on it years ago. But Doktor Snake is still around, and has added new voodoo spells to the product line. Now, in addition to the long-standing “get your ex back” and remove a curse” spells you can get spells to stop your significant other from flirting on FaceBook or to turn yourself into a winning gambler.

Prices, quoted in British pounds, start at about $250 U.S..Prices vary because each spell is unique.

For example, for the curse-breaking spell Doktor Snake says, “I leave four DarkStones and a FireWand overnight in the grounds of the 1,000-year-old cathedral in the city where I live,” and then he performs a ritual involving lwa Zaka, the agriculture god. The spell will “heal you and protect you from all evil” for just $400.

Short on cash? You can buy some lucky pennies from Doktor Snake for about $40.

8. The Not-So-Nice Place

There are some businesses you just don’t want to be seen entering or leaving. That probably includes The Lice Place. But where else would you go to take care of those itchy critters?

It might be surprising that a business can succeed with a simple service like lice removal — something that’s normally done at home. But apparently there is plenty of demand; The Lice Place has ten locations in various states.

The business may sound more interesting when you hear what they charge. Basic service is $99 per hour. In case you’re interested, they are looking for franchisees.

9. A Dirty Business

Why do people in the U.S. and Canada buy dirt from Ireland? To sprinkle on caskets at Irish funerals, and sometimes to sprinkle on the foundations of new houses. That’s why the Auld Sod Exporting Company has sold tens of thousands of canisters of Irish dirt according to the Irish Independent.

The “presentation canisters” contain a pound of soil and sell for $15 each. The dirt has to be sanitized to come into the U.S. because of concerns about foreign soil microbes.

10. Bacon-Flavored Everything

Maybe you like bacon. Really like bacon. But for the guys at J&D Foods it’s an obsession that doesn’t end with a few strips of meat in a pan.

“Baconaise” sandwich spread is just one of their bacon-themed products. Bacon-flavored salt is perhaps the most popular, and you can also buy bacon-flavored microwave popcorn.

What else? How about bacon-flavored lip balm and (wait for it)… bacon-scented underwear. Really, I did not make that up. It’s $19.99 per pair if you’re interested.

11.Pet Rock

Back in the ’70s, a guy called Gary Dahl had the idea of selling rocks as pets. Yes, you read that right. The unbelievable part is not the idea itself, anyone can have a weird thought, but the fact that he went on with his plan and it paid off – big time. He became a millionaire for selling… rocks.

12.Boyfriend Body Pillow

Everyone gets lonely from time to time. Particularly at that moment at night, when we’re in bed, right before we fall asleep and start to question all of our life decisions… If there was just someone I could hug right now – this might not be such a ridiculous product after all.

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